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" ... CRUZAO's explosive latin-funk heralds the coming of the new generation of jazz musicians who groove hard and improvise with fire..
     - The Wire Magazine
       re: Toronto Jazz festival 2000 performance
"... CRUZAO is one of the most innovative new groups I've seen in a longtime. It's about time the Latin Jazz world got a taste of a group this."
       - Amber Authier - Media Relations, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto
         re: Sept. 2000 Harbourfront performance
"... deliciously quirky & invigorating... seethes with energy, particularly showing off the skills of trumpeter Ali and his brother Marcus on alto sax"
       - Geoff Chapman, Toronto Star
         re: 2001 week long Top Of The Senator engagement
"Brownman Ali & CRUZAO breaks down the boundaries between latin, jazz and funk in the most innovative way I've seen yet.  This kid needs to be in New York!"
       - Memo Acevedo, NYU latin percussion professor
         & legendary Latin-jazz icon
         re: Pre-release of "Shades Of Brown" recording
"Brownman Ali... a warm, personable soloist that displays an engaging mix or quirks and lyricism."
     - Mark Miller, Globe and Mail
"... while other latin-jazz artists continue to dabble in music of yesteryear, El Hombre Marrón and his band of young latins push the boundaries of modern Cuban and Brazillian music with original compositions... the ring of the new generation of jazz artists resounding within."
        - Rich Feynman, JazzTimes reviewer in Toronto during T.O. Jazz Fest
"... captivating the Oakville Jazz Festival with their blend of Cuban and Brazillian jazz Brownman Ali and CRUZAO was the delight of this year's festival..."
        - Hamilton Spectator
          re: Oakville Jazz festival 2000 performance
"... unbelievable on stage energy... the two brothers play like they
share one brain!"
        - Sonic Latin Grooves, on-line Latin E-zine
          re: Toronto Jazz festival 2000 performance
"... burning solos and unabridged groove is what Brownman Ali & CRUZAO's version of latin-jazz is all about."
        - JazzOnLine review
          re: Toronto Jazz Festival 2000 performance
Toronto Star Feature Article
Canadian Press (CP) coverage
Brownman Ali & CRUZAO awarded 1st runner up for
      "Electric Jazz Group Of The Year" at the 2001 National Jazz Awards
Highly controversial NOW magazine article entitled "Nick Ali's Revenge" which paints a fairly aggressive picture of Brownman after winning the Montreal Jazz Festival's coveted "Grand Prix du Jazz" Award in 2001